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One of the reports shall be filed with the governor, one with the secretary of state, and one with the state library, and one shall be kept on file in the office of the officer, board, council, commission, institution, association, or corporation. The board shall consist of thirteen voting members who have demonstrated interest in preserving African-American history. Of the initial appointments, the term of one member appointed by the governor, one member appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives, one member appointed by the president of the senate, one member appointed by the chair of the Ohio legislative black caucus, the member appointed by the board of directors of the national underground railroad freedom center, and the member appointed by the board of trustees of the Ohioana library association shall be for a term ending one year after .

Unrelated third parties, not involved in the construction process, can delay a project, including labor union strikes, war, terrorism or trade embargos.Acts of God, including severe weather or earthquakes, can occur that are no one’s “fault.” The beauty of this process—and the problem—is that all of these players are human beings that can misjudge and make mistakes.A material supplier that simply forgets to place an order, orders the wrong material or is unable to produce on schedule can delay a multimillion-dollar project.101.2.2 Unless specifically exempted or as limited by federal or state law or this code, the provisions of this code are intended to safeguard life and property from fire and explosion and shall apply to all aspects of fire safety at any structures, buildings, premises, vehicles or other locations within the territorial jurisdiction of the state of Ohio.The scope of this code includes, but is not limited to, property owned by the state of Ohio or other political subdivisions of the state, residential premises (one, two and three family dwellings), and agricultural premises.