Error updating registry

Try disabling your anti-virus software temporarily, or add an exception for the problematic folders in your anti-virus software configuration.Standard package updates are not applied to registry data that have been changed—for example, by a user who alters a menu setting that is stored in the registry.To update the values of this category of registry data, provisioning XML (provxml) must be used.If provxml is not used to update the registry data that has been changed since the device was flashed in the factory, the update will report success to the user, but the registry changes in a standard update will not be applied.Is there other information I can provide, such as more detailed logging? Another piece of information that may help: I don't recall this being an issue before we locked down to specific version of dependencies in our file.

I've seen this error message when HTTPS or SSH support isn't compiled into libgit2 (which is linked into Cargo). I realize this may not be a suitable ground to disclose this next error, but in any event I will just paste the output failure in case it may contribute to debugging.

I am having trouble building Rust programs on Windows. Once a dependency is added I get the following trying to update the crates registry. cargo build --verbose Updating registry `` error Unable to update registry Caused by: [2/-1] Could not open '.cargo/registry/index/' for writing: Access is denied.

Your anti-virus software may be interfering with the operation.

0.00s0.00s0.00s$ rustc --version rustc 1.4.0 (8ab8581f6 2015-10-27) $ cargo --version cargo 0.5.0-nightly (833b947 2015-09-13) $ cargo build --verbose Updating registry `` No output has been received in the last 10m0s, this potentially indicates a stalled build or something wrong with the build itself.

The build has been terminated @matthewkmayer yeah I suspect that #2064 will likely yield a resolution for this, unfortunately other than that I'm not sure if there's an easy way to tackle this.