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And that’s how you can try to give a direction to your career even if you have this face or this kind of physique.”Brad Pitt also proved an inspiration when they co-starred in the 2013 film World War Z. “I’m sure Brad’s different from one movie to another but on this one, he was so relaxed. He’s an amazing actor.”Being cast alongside the Hollywood A-lister in the highest-grossing zombie film of all time came as quite a shock to Fitoussi, who became an actor almost by accident.“I grew up immersed in cinema and watching films, but I never considered being an actor because I thought it was not for me – it was for someone else.

I didn’t know anyone in the business and I thought it would be too hard to get into.

However famous you think you are, whoever your wonderful friends might be, whichever fabulous places you’ve seen (and where perhaps you have even owned homes), there will always be moments waiting to bring you back to earth with a bump. Since I was visiting London from my base in Switzerland, I thought it would be easiest to drop into the Passport Office, fill in a form, hand over a couple of photos and collect my new document after lunch. The first problem was that my signature was not exactly ‘inside the box’, according to the rules. The second was that my photos were from a print-shop in Switzerland, not on approved UK photographic paper. I’ve always been a terrible name-dropper, but I appreciate that this won’t impress everybody. She had just been offered a seven-year contract with 20th Century Fox in California. Zanuck, tiny but incredibly randy, and he had been obsessed with Joan since seeing her with a diamond in her navel in Land Of The Pharaohs.

Once this was fixed, the third problem was my name. ’, were on the tip of my tongue, but I bit them back. Zanuck had a reputation for propositioning virtually every actress he met, and when he bumped into Joanie outside his office, he pinned her against the wall.

Since their Nickelodeon show went off the air in 2007 ...Now, six years later, he's still sober and is on the verge of experiencing his first real success, having just finished work on a controversial new film that he co-wrote with director Joseph Brutsman.Starring Rosanna Arquette, Nastassja Kinski and Michael Des Barres, Diary of a Sex Addict is a dark comedy that will premiere next month at the Venice Film Festival. Mając osiem lat wystąpił u boku swojego ojca w dwóch odcinkach serialu Ziv TV Morskie polowanie (Sea Hunt, 1958).Będąc jeszcze w szkole podstawowej jako 14-latek odbył wraz z ojcem tournée po Stanach Zjednoczonych ze spektaklem Rocznicowy walc (Anniversary Waltz) i odbył praktykę sceniczną, zanim powrócił na duży ekran w dreszczowcu Trzecie oko (The Yin and the Yang of Mr.