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• Glad to see Gerald Mc Raney of "Major Dad" fame is getting work again, even if it is under the pseudonym "Brad Childress."• Michael Irvin wouldn't pick the Patriots to beat the Maine Thunder Thighs of N. • Bill Belichick has cut off the sleeves on his hoodie tonight. Third and 4 from the Minnesota 16, Brady rolls out under pressure and throws deep down the right sideline to Benjamin Watson, who loses a jump ball to the ageless Darren Sharper. Tom Brady does the same thing, and it is remarkable how he remains so composed under pressure." See, sometimes even a blind squirrel with a snapped tibia finds a nut. Brady hits Reche Caldwell on the old receiver screen that Deion Branch ran so well. During the pregame, ESPN showed some NFL Films footage of a miked-up Belichick. but Smoot comes in from behind and pokes out the ball. And in an item completely unrelated to the last, the line has done a terrific job tonight against the Vikings' vaunted front seven, particularly considering Stephen Neal and Russ Hochstein didn't play. This offense could really be something if this rate of improvement continues.

He looks ridiculous, like a middle-aged woman heading off to Curves for her afternoon 1/2-mile walk on the treadmill.• Tonight is the one-year anniversary of Tedy Bruschi's comeback from a stroke. FIRST QUARTERDamn, it's in the Metrodome - reminds me of the Homer Hanky days during the Twins' '87 World Series run. I'd say it's inexcusable, particularly since Watson dropped a pass on previously play (is it too soon to call him "enigmatic Ben Watson" yet? Matt Light absolutely blows up a Vikings linebacker, and Caldwell manages to keep his eyes in his sockets long enough to sprint all the way to the Vikings 40. At one point, we hear him admonishing Watson to catch the ball with his hands, not his pads. Belichick and Dante Scarnecchia really know the secret to piecing together a cohesive line. And the defense was stellar from the first snap forward - they knew what the Vikings were up to and made Brad Johnson look like Rob Johnson all night.

17 July 2011When a well-known plastic surgeon is murdered at his hillside estate, Gloria and Michelle dig through a growing list of suspects to catch his killer.Can you tell I spent the brunt of the afternoon watching '80s Celtics highlights on ESPN Classic? I'm stocked with Gritty's Halloween Ale and Triscuits, the infant and toddler beasts are snoozing, and I'm pretty sure my wife packed up the cats and left me an hour ago. Against all odds, we've even picked up on a few relevant tidbits during the pregame show: • Brad Johnson has a higher winning percentage than Troy Aikman and Phil Simms, yet he's the oldest and lowest-paid starting quarterback in the league. What are the odds Ol' Million-Dollar Legs, Ten-Cent Head showed up at the Metrodome yesterday morning expecting to have a game? Minnesota advances to the Pats 40, where Junior Seau makes a big hit on 2d and 11, and Tully Banta-Cain thwarts the drive on 3rd and 11, forcing a punt.In other words, he might be the best journeyman in recent league history. Tiki was right about him, but we already knew that, didn't we? East Boston's own Jermaine Wiggins with a plodding 10-yard reception on Johnson's first throw. I'm enjoying the Seau rejuvenation (he's leading the team in tackles, if I'm not mistaken), but he does always let you know he made the tackle, doesn't he? Vikings take over at the Pats 20 after a punt, and the Vikings promptly go three and out. Theismann: "I always thought Dan Marino was the master of sliding around in the pocket and avoiding pressure. He's like Snoop Dogg multiplied by Captain Stubing. Brady drops back to pass, gets swarmed, and fumbles. Get him the hell out, before the catastrophic becomes reality. and I'm outta here, but not without a quick summary of the night: Brady (29 of 43, 372 yards, 4 TDs) played like the best QB in the NFL for the first time this season, and not coincidentally, he and his receivers were on the same wavelength all night. My sibling lives in the Beresford and knows the Seinfelds very well.She said Jessica Seinfeld is a complete bitch to everyone in the building -- doormen, maintenance folks, domestics (her own and others) but that she saves special nastiness for Jerry who is completely whipped.