Star trek dating service

The next section will give you the opportunity to share information about yourself like body type, ethnicity, personality traits, recreational drug use, health issues and hobbies.You can also select the details that you are looking for in a match such as physical traits, location, language, religion, political views, dietary habits and profession.

Trek Passions has a homepage that has a blue and white color theme along with an interesting sci-fi slideshow of aliens, spaceships and time portals.If spin-off material such as novels and comic books had been included, both Captain Clark Terrell and Commander Elizabeth Shelby would be considerably higher up in the ranking. Star Trek fans now know exactly how long they'll have to wait to see the latest incarnation of the sci-fi franchise, "Star Trek: Discovery."The highly anticipated CBS All Access original series will receive a special broadcast premiere on CBS Sept. ET/ CT before moving to its home on the streaming subscription service, the network announced Monday. After a break, the second chapter will commence in January 2018.This included their ability to make others laugh, enjoying jokes made by others, and seeing humour in everyday life.With all the ‘Star Wars’ spoofs on the internet, this finding really didn’t surprise me. Politics Female fans of ‘Star Trek’ were found to be more liberal than female ‘Star Wars’ fans (no differences were found between males). Sexual Desire and Attraction Overall, ‘Star Wars’ fans placed greater importance on physical and sexual compatibility between themselves and their prospective partners.