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A.’s low-key but high-priced Brentwood area, for .8 million. SIZE: 1.25 acres The celebrity-skewering and gleefully ferocious socio-cultural button-pusher purchased the gated property in August 2005, and die-hard real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketeyyak swears on a two-mile-high stack of Benjamins that Mister Parker briefly occupied the premises with his first ex-wife, Emma Sugiyama.At some point Mister Parker razed the 1.25-acre estate’s main residence, which dated back to the early 1920s according to the L. County Tax Man, to make way for what was surely to be a much larger and more grand home.The sheer volume of work, and the lightning speed at which it has raced by, has caught them unawares.“It’s crazy how fast it is,” says Parker, wolfing down dinner at Serafina restaurant.So it's no surprise that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were on hand to mark the star-studded premiere of the Broadway production at Princess Theatre in Melbourne on Saturday.

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He is of an American nationality and of white ethnicity.Matt Stone and Trey Parker – Hollywood wunderkinds, creators of South Park and famous for turning up at the Oscars in drag and on acid – have announced they are to start a film production studio.Said to be inspired by the production work of Lucasfilm and Dreamworks, the new venture, Important Studios, will allow the pair to have more control over the creative, production and distribution process.“Having worked with several different studios over the years, we came to realise that our favourite people in the world are ourselves,” explain Parker and Stone in a press release that perfectly showcases their brand of humour.Listing details reveal the property was sold with existing plans, but we don’t have any inside intel on whether the new owner will make use of them.The property was put on the open market in early February (2015), and listing details indicate that at the time of its sale it still had several small structures of unknown size and utility, a swimming pool, terraced gardens and a couple of big ugly holes in the ground where the main house once stood.